Business Credit Chicago provides business credit building services, credit card financing, and working capital solutions to small businesses and start-ups needing funding to sustain or expand their enterprise. We can also help you improve your business credit score.

A Company Created to Finance Your Dreams

Business Credit Chicago provides funding for start-up companies and new businesses to help them get off the ground and grow and make a positive impact on the community. Assisting new and small business owners to make their dreams come true has always been Business Credit Chicago’s passion. We are proud to provide critical financial services for small business owners and entrepreneurs in Chicago and help match consumers to lenders and credit card companies and find the best financing and credit card deals matched to their specific needs and preferences.

We can help you build business credit and improve your credit score. Whether you are looking for business credit for start-ups, business credit cards for LLCs, or business credit cards for bad credit in Chicago, Business Credit Chicago can help you get the funding or credit card financing you need.

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Our Customers

Small businesses and new companies in Chicago and throughout the US use Business Credit Chicago to manage their finances. We are proud and happy to serve newly-founded start-ups, small businesses, and e-commerce brands, helping founders, entrepreneurs, and their teams stay focused and prioritize what they care about the most.

Equal Opportunity for All

Don’t have business credit yet? Perhaps, you are trying to improve your business credit score. We know that business finance can be confusing and overwhelming. Business Credit Chicago is here to help get access to finance and stay in control. Using the latest technology and current data, we have developed an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of how to improve your start-up or company’s financial health.

Company Values

Business Credit Chicago believes that all businesses, small or big, should be able to participate and prosper in the economy. We are in the business of providing business credit, and we give credit and recognition where they are due. Business Credit Chicago’s values and culture are built on supporting and recognizing each other’s work efforts and appreciating each other’s contributions. Business Credit Chicago strives to create a positive workplace where people can bring their whole selves and find excellent opportunities for growth.

Our Mission is to Make a Positive Impact

Business Credit Chicago’s mission is to unlock funding and increase access to credit card financing for small business owners and start-up founders by using better data and technology.Business Credit Chicago was founded on the core belief that no business or start-up should be locked out of the financial system. And our commitment and dedication to financial inclusion are reflected in our business, support for our customers, and community partnerships. We help business owners in Chicago and across the nation build strong business credit quicker, improve credit scores, and stay on top of their financial health with a secure and robust platform that includes offers business finance solutions, exclusive funding opportunities, resources, and tools based on our unique credit scoring models using machine learning and AI.

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Whether you are just starting up, looking to grow, or need some help getting your small business going, Business Credit Chicago has the solutions to help your business grow and prosper.