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We are proud to offer our valued clients more ways to secure financing for their small businesses.

Has your small business or start-up found itself struggling to obtain credit? Because of the coronavirus pandemic throughout the US, banks, suppliers, investors, and small business loan providers in the US have become reluctant to lend to small businesses with low or poor credit scores. Business Credit Chicago can help you improve your business credit score so that you can access credit card financing, working capital, and other forms of business funding. We specialize in easy, hassle-free credit score building to help businesses thrive.

Importance of Monitoring Business Credit History

Monitoring your start-up or company’s credit history is essential. This is because the stronger your business credit score, the more likely you’re to secure better terms and conditions for small business loans and financing, lower your insurance policy rates, and increase your borrowing power.

How Business Credit Chicago Helps Chicago Businesses Improve Credit Scores

If your business has a poor credit score, you may wonder how businesses and small firms with low credit scores get access to financing. Businesses with low credit scores turn to Business Credit Chicago for help.

  • Get a credit improvement plan customized to your small business
  • Learn and understand how the information, such as credit inquiries, on your credit report impacts your business credit score
  • Understand various sections of your businesses credit report

Business Credit Chicago provides guidance, expert advice, and resources that have helped our clients successfully secure small business loans, credit card financing, lines of credit, working capital, and more. Business Credit Chicago shares the top factors that affect your business credit score so you can work on them.

We would like to help your small business or LLC thrive by repairing and improving your business credit!

Check Your Creditworthiness Anytime

Use our application/platform to:

  • Access your business credit score
  • Monitor how your credit score increases
  • View real-time updates on your business credit rating
  • Credit improvement tips and hacks to improve your business or start-up’s credit profile

Why Choose Business Credit Chicago to Improve Your Business Credit Score

We are well-known in the short-term credit and financing industry. Business Credit Chicago knows what banks, investors, and suppliers look for when you apply for credit. Therefore, we offer our expertise, helping businesses and start-ups in Chicago with repairing and building their business credit profiles and improving credit scores. We make credit building and credit score improvement simple and streamline the funding process. Let us help your small business or new firm begin repairing its credit rating and get access to more sources of funds.

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